• "Meron is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met"

    When I first met Meron I was in a deep dark hole of fear and despair, frightened of who I was becoming. But with Meron's quiet positivity and beautiful energy I slowly realised I was going to be ok. In our sessions she would not only help on a spiritual level, working alongside our guides and angels, but by using EFT it allowed me to heal some very painful wounds from my past and present. I was able to acknowledge, repair and accept and move on from them all. Am I at the end of my healing journey?... absolutely nowhere near it. I am so happy to have ongoing help and guidance from Meron. She really is one of the most beautiful and kind souls I have ever met.  
    Chantelle T. Age 40s Worthing
  • "I had Mind Blowing results and we opened boxes I didn't even know I still had"

    Never have I ever worked with someone like Meron. Besides the groundbreaking results of the online Tapping(EFT) sessions, she has plenty of tools to overcome life long, unhelpful habits. They are easy to use and if you fall back into your auto pilot old habits, she still showers you with love and encouragement. Never have I ever met someone who had nothing but positive things to say, she taught me to praise myself regulary and she is beyond patient and loving. I had a lot of light bulb moments that made the change of habits much easier, because I got more conscious of my own behaviour. Meron is warm, reassuring, professional, flexible, encouraging and an utter delight to work with. I have a very short attention span, but time with Meron just flies by. I am always looking forward to my sessions with wonderful Meron!
    Inka P, Age 40s Amsterdam
  • "Meron is so intuitive and has a way of knowing exactly what questions to ask  "

    Meron helps you uncover what it is that might need to be released, felt or cleared. We worked together using EFT to help me with some resistance I was feeling around showing up online for my business. As soon as we began Tapping on an area Meron had helped me identify, I felt the energy moving. I felt nauseas and began burping and yawning none stop as we went through everything, releasing it from my body. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and free of the experience I had subconsciously been holding on to. And since then I have been showing up and sharing online with complete ease and even joy!
    Tara J 30s Kenya
  • "It has been a truly illuminating process which I deeply value"

    I can't express how lucky I feel to have found Meron. Her wonderful range of modalities and approaches enabled me to get to the core of my issues for the first time after many years of trying. She is gentle with solid guidance. She is creative and patient. She has truly gone beyond the call of duty for me and I feel held and safe whether or not we are working online or together in clinic. It has been a truly illuminating process which I deeply value. I enjoyed it too and I can't say that about all the times and methods I've tried before. Don't hesitate if you feel ready to move forward, you couldn't be in better hands.
    Jo S. Age 50s Chichester
  • "You have helped guide me to a place of stability"

    Thank you so much Meron, You have helped to guide me to a place of stability that I have felt a lack of since the death of my father nearly 30 years ago. You have given me tools to help with my eating disorder and left me with vital techniques that I am able to make use of every day. You have led me to a path of good health and well being. You've done it all with the most wonderful kindness and have an energy that one just wants to spend time in. You are knowledgeable and every session I've had with you has been a blessing.
    Lesley W. Age 50s West Sussex