Soulscape is ...

an analogy between ourselves and nature.
Our lives have all the components that are found in a garden;
from the weeds and barren earth to fragrant flowers,
beautiful trees and everything in between.
In Soulscape you are taken on a journey discovering
yourself through the metaphor of your very own inner garden.



Soul's Spring

When arriving at your garden you open the gate and enter into your inner world. Together we wander around exploring this unique and beautiful land of yours. There is so much to see and find out about it. In this first week we are looking for something specific, your very own magical spring, your soul. All gardens/people have one, they bubble up naturally from the centre of the earth, your being. Their purpose is to support and water every part of our lives.

This pure and sweet spring is your connection to source, to your very essence, it is the gateway to your soul. How do we find it? By connecting to it through simple visualisation and mindful meditations, and other ways which I guide you in.

It doesn’t take long for you to start to be replenished as you sit by these beautiful waters. It is here that you will come and sit and listen to your souls whispers every day.

Finding and connecting with your spring is the foundation, it is the essence of SoulScape and your life garden. Together we use your souls spring waters to guide and nourish you throughout the next five weeks.




Ivy Mind

Having spent time in the first week relaxing by your spring it’s now time to start clearing some of the areas in your garden that are rather overgrown and choked with different types of ivy and weeds. They can take hold and take over, just like our negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs take over our minds. In this week we set about removing and pruning, and creating a healthy environment for your mind to change and grow in.

For this, we need a few sturdy sharp reliable tools in our gardeners bag. These are CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) And EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping. These tools have served many over the years to achieve really fine gardens.

Once we begin to dig up the weeds and remove the ivy, we will look at how you want this area to look. You will spend time by your spring, communing with its beautiful natural surroundings, visualising and journaling how the new layout will look and what type of plants are best suited to this area.

These plants are the new thoughts and affirmations that will best serve you in your life. It’s then time to return to your garden, turn the soil and nourish it, plant the seeds and finish with a good watering from your bubbling spring.




Bamboo Body

This week we explore your physical being. We go looking for your vegetable garden, your exercise green and an area where you can pamper yourself and relax. We test how healthy your soils are, and if there are any missing nutrients. Has this area become neglected and full of unwelcome over grown weeds and plants that are not well suited to this area? Do we need to get the tools out again from your trusted gardeners bag?

We look carefully at your diet, where changes could be made and where you aren’t taking the best care of your body. Are you already using your exercise green or is it full of moss and parched areas?

Do you need to scour it, feed it a good fertiliser, run the sprinkler over it and then get yourself back to exercising. We meander down to your spring and this time, whilst listening to your souls spring waters bubbling up, you contemplate your body and hear what it has to say.

You take time to listen and write whilst being guided from your inner knowing self. We plan how all the things you want to achieve for your garden/body can be implemented.
We’ll find a couple of trees where you can put up a hammock to relax, or a swing to sit on and feel like a carefree child again.




Fragrant Heart

This is a beautiful week as we go exploring your rose garden. It represents your different relationships. You have a good look at the condition and health of your roses; your relationships with others and especially the one you have with yourself.

When last were your roses pruned and are they suffering with black spot? Are you hanging onto relationships that you are no longer happy to have in your garden but don't know how to remove them? Where are the thorns causing you discomfort? And what do the new buds on your rose bushes represent in your life?

Pick your favourite rose, as this represents your relationship with yourself and the self love you are learning to reconnect with in this program.

Breathe its exquisite fragrance into your heart, letting it fill you with love and peace. Take your rose and wander back to your spring and sit and allow the rose to whisper its sweet messages to you. Listen as it connects with your soul and shares its magic.




Happy Home

By the time you arrive at this week you are settling into your garden, enjoying its different areas and beginning to slowly implement the changes needed for a more balanced, soul infused life. With these changes happening you might start to feel as if your nest needs a change.

Is it full of twigs and old feathers that need to be discarded or does a complete new one need to be built? Sitting by your spring, you invite your soul to help you feel into how you want your personal haven to be.

You will visualise how you want it to look, maybe it needs to be a more comfortable, loving, secure, ordered space for you to grow in.

You’ll create a list of what changes you would like to make with realistic time frames. As you listen to the birds chattering around your spring, you realise how happy they are in your garden, it’s their home too. It is so important that you have a safe haven to come home to and feel free to just be you.




Indigenous You

In this final week we meander around your garden really connecting with everything in it and listening and seeing its positive whispers. We look at your ‘mind' seeds that have sprung into life replacing the suffocating ivy.

Your veggie garden is beginning to flourish, your roses are happily pruned, nourished and are emanating love. Your nest is beginning to feel like home again and you sit happily at your pond in bliss connecting with its soul waters.

Next to your spring lives an indigenous tree which has been in your garden for eons. It knows you so well and invites you to rest against its soft bark and contemplate your calling and life work. Are you fulfilled, do you need to change direction? Are you experiencing abundance on all levels? How are you being supported in your vocation? What changes are needed?

Together with the strength and wisdom of your indigenous tree and the warm energies from your spring we create a plan that will set you on the path to even greater fulfilment and happiness in your life. And last but not least you plant a money tree and learn techniques to assist you with obtaining the good fortune and abundance from it that you so deserve.