Hello, I'm Meron

It was said to me recently that I am nearing my wisdom years. I pondered this for a while, feeling into it and thought, no not yet! So far, I have had the privilege of living an interesting, full and varied life. I have resided in different countries, gained experience from life's many rich and sometimes painful tapestries.

In my early twenties, having been classically trained in music I decided that I needed to seek out a way to fulfil my passion for art and design. The next couple of decades I gained commercial experience by running my own small interior design business working both in London and the Middle East.

In my late thirties I was deemed to have an incurable health condition. I eventually listened to the whispers of my soul and chose an alternate healing path.

What resulted, was me reclaiming my health and deciding to listen to my souls calling. I left the commercial world and embarked on a new journey to a richer, deeper and more fulfilling life.

My qualifications are varied and include the bio resonance Skenar machine. I had the privilege of studying in Russia with one of the inventors. Transpersonal counselling and reiki, which I studied in the United Arab Emirates. And Bowen, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and BodyTalk in the UK.

My Book 'A taste of Tagore' with its foreword by Deepak Chopra was published to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore's birth at the international Tagore Festival.

For over a decade I have been sharing my knowledge and experience with women of all ages. Guiding them so they can realise their full potential and reconnect with their souls. Accept themselves and their uniqueness, ignite their passion and help them step into their power in a whole, balanced and meaningful way.

I inherited a love of gardening from my mother. So when 2020 dawned and I had the aha moment 'if we can landscape our gardens, why can't we soulscape our lives' I felt a passion and knowing so deep, it was like nothing I had experienced before.